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Questions about Dual RF coax inputs on TV (1 Viewer)


Dec 10, 2013
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My question is long winded, but I wanted to explain everything. After 8 long years my old Sony HDTV's only HDMI input stopped working and since all of my source components are HDMI (connected to an AV receiver then outputted to the TV via HDMI) we are looking at maybe getting a new TV for Christmas. What I really like about my current Sony is that it has dual RF inputs and I have not seen many new TVs (in our price range) that have this.

Why do I like that? Well, a while back we got rid of the dish and went to an over the air antenna for all the local HD channels. Since we have internet service from Comcast, we also get a non-HD channel package that runs through a small digital box. The cable box only has RF in and RF out. We have the over the air antenna attached to the "TV" RF input (which I assume goes to the TVs digital tuner) and then our cable box attached to the "Cable" RF input of the TV. That way we can switch between the two via the remote.

If we get a new TV that has only one RF input, what is the best way of hooking up the cable box? From what I can tell it must run through the small cable box to work (which is also controlled by a separate remote). I have an older VCR that has the typical RF in and RF out AND one set of RCA aud/video outputs. Could I utilize the VCR in some way to do all this?

I could hook up the VCR and see, but all my equipment is in a cabinet and is a pain to get to without taking everything out which I would rather not do. Thought I would check here first to see what my options are. Thanks!

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