questions about burn-in and RPTV vs direct view

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    hey everybody,
    Ok, I've been searching and scouring this forum and other forums like crazy for the past couple days, and I still have a few lingering questions so I'm just going to ask people instead of trying to search more forums.
    First off, people seem to make a big deal about burn-in on RPTV's. To my best knowledge, however, (and after searching on google) this seems to be a matter that only audio/videophiles really address. To the average joe user, calibration and burn-in and tuning down the contrast is unheard of.
    Well then, is burn-in that apparent? I personally have a 62" Proscan RPTV at home (couple years old) and have played a good amount of N64, watched CNN/MSNBC, and watched widescreen DVD's, often at high contrast, and I can't really tell the difference (although the picture quality isn't that great to start out with).
    My thoughts was to purchase a ~$1500 RPTV for my bedroom, and after the 100-hr. break-in period and calibration, I figured I'd tone down the contrast a bit for games, and wouldn't have to worry about burn-in without excessive video game playing. I wasn't sure if this was quite enough, as some people seem to think that any video games on RPTV's would cause burn-in. However, I'm still not fully convinced that even after taking the right precautions significant and noticeable burn-in will still result from video games, so if anybody could explain a bit more on how visible or sensitive burn-in is on RPTV's, it would be appreciated [​IMG]
    Which brings me to my next topic; with a $1500 budget, what would be my best choice? I watch TV about 40%, DVD's 35%, and games 25% of the time (so about even on all 3), but I was mostly concerned about my DVD picture quality, so I'm looking to purchase a 16:9 widescreen TV. I was specifically looking to buy the Toshiba 40H80 or 42H82, and picture size beyond that would be overkill for my room. DLP tv's are beyond my budget, and FPTV's are kind of overkill for my room, so I'm choosing between RPTV's or a direct view HDTV. For my setup, I think RPTV should be fine, but if anybody could chime in with an opinion about burn-in, it would help me a lot in making my decision.
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    I think burn-in is a rarity. I don't have an RPTV so I'm not one to say anything at all, but you just said did you get away with no burn in on your RPTV?
    I'm guessing as long as we are cautious, everything will work out fine.
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    I love the Tosh 42" RPTV. It would be great in a bedroom.

    I wouldn't wait to turn down the contrast. Do it as soon as you get the set.


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