Questions about building a floorstanding speaker stand... and whether or not I SHOULD

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    Hey everyone,
    I have a slight problem, and I was hoping that someone can help me out. I live in a college size apartment, with an average size room. My 27" Wega is on my chest of drawers, and me and my friends sit on the opposite side of the room on my bed (sideways) and a small couch/recliner thing. I just bought two energy exl-26s for my fronts but i noticed they are pretty short relative to my TV, since it's on a chest of drawers, and they are pretty low relative to the listening position since we sit on my bed, which is maybe around 8 inches higher than a normal couch.
    So basically, what I'm saying, my viewing position to the TV is fine, since I'm high, and the TV is high, but the floorstanding energy's are a little low in comparison. Do you think it's way too much trouble to build some sort of accoustically agreeable platform to place the energy's on? Or do you think raising them off the floor will do more damage than keeping them a little lower than ideal listening position? I hear ideal is that the tweeters are about ear level, and that the tweeters are about midway between the top and the bottom of the tv.
    What do you people think? Should I raise them? And, just to let you know, I am really terrible and buidling stuff. I'm not a handy person.
    Oh yeah, if I were to build something, how would I do it? What materials should I use?
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    This might help. Living in San Francisco,You figure out how to make the most of your space. Our zip code was appraised at $900 sq.ft ($200 is ave. for the US).
    I found a large armoire and used that as a starting point.
    I also built a speaker cabinet that runs along the top and enclosed the left & right and I have the Center underneath.
    I built the surrounds into the ear wall and used the same antique radio cloth.
    ALL speakers are KEF Q series and about 40 tall x 10 wide x 10 deep
    This is not an optimum config by most peoples judgement, but most people say it is one of the best systems they have ever heard.
    Hope this gives you some ideas.
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