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  1. Dan M~

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    Nov 30, 2000
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    There is an interesting discussion over at Madisound...
    The discussion concerns down firing subs and the production of "floor noise".
    Are down firing subs more likely to produce noise from within the floor structure?
    (QUOTE) "Subby's with a plate in front of the woofer do so for correct loading - it's crude bandpass chaps !" How true is this statement?
    What do you think??
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  2. Jack Gilvey

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    Mar 13, 1999
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    I really couldn't say if a downfiring subs would be more likely to induce "noise" in the floor. I wouldn't think it likely, though, given the omnidirectional nature of these frequencies.
    It does seem apparent, though, that all these SVS-owners and Sonosub-builders have much better floors than those guys do. [​IMG]
    As for the plate under the woofer, it looks to be there to assure a known distance from an obstruction, regardless of the type of floor the sub is placed on.
  3. Hank Frankenberg

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    Oct 13, 1998
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    The induced noises I have to deal with are anything touching a wall in my HT room and also anything on the the other side of the wall adjacent to my sonosub. Several of us sonosub builders live in the souther half of the U.S.
    Mike Knapp - Florida, Patrick Sun - Georgia, Mark Hayenga and myself - Texas.
    Most of us have concrete slab foundations rather than basements. I'm assuming the floor noise problems are in the homes with basements or where the HT room is upstairs.
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