Questioning the diff between 80/100hz x-overs?

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    May 7, 2001
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    Looking for opinions:

    How much of an audible difference is there really between 80hz and 100hz crossovers? Are room dynamics and other considerations likely to be more significant?

  2. BruceD

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    Apr 12, 1999
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    Some of my thoughts:

    How well will all 5 speakers work with an 80Hz or 100Hz xover? In other words if mains are good to 60Hz, center good to 120Hz,and surrounds good to 90Hz which xover will work better? Tough question.

    Biggest issue is that sub frequencies above 80Hz are actually localizable for many people. This is the biggest reason to favor the 80Hz xover. If the sub is close to the front main speakers this may be less of an issue.

    Room modes (peaks) at or near the xover frequenciy can also influence which xover works best (you can alter that with a parametric EQ).

    No hard and fast answers, just room for discussion.

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