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    Does anyone remember two Japanese kids' shows in the late 1970s? I think they were called "Spectreman" and "Space Giants".

    Spectreman: A guy turns into a giant super hero to fight monsters.

    Space Giants: A family of robots(?) that can turn into flying jets or spaceships. Their names were "Goldar", "Silvar", and "Gammar". I think that's right.

    They were dubbed for American audiences and I think they ran on TBS when it had different call letters. They were very much a "Godzilla" type of thing. I remember watching these when I was a kid, but I can't remember the exact years that they ran here in the U.S. I haven't seen them since then and I can't find them listed in any TV book or the internet. I would get a kick out of seeing these again on DVD.

    Also, there was another show that I watched as a kid that was American made. It was called "The Cliffwood Avenue Kids" and aired on some local station in my area in the late 1970s. I can't find any reference to that one either. Anyone remember that one? (These were all live-action shows.)

    Does anyone know the exact years that they ran in the U.S. (and in Japan, for the Japanese shows)? Does anyone know about a DVD release?
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    Some brief but interesting info on these shows can be found at

    I should point out that Space Giants (Or should I say, "Ambassador Magma") was created by Osamu Tezuka (pioneer of cartoons and comics in Japan, creator of Astro Boy as well as MANY other famous series) and that Magma has small role in the Game Boy Advance video game "Astro Boy: The Omega Factor".
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    The Japanese version of THE SPACE GIANTS, MAGUMA TAISHI, was issued twice on Laserdisc in Japan. But, so far, no announcement of a DVD release.

    In 2002, SPECTREMAN was issued in a deluxe Limited Edition set with a 1/1-scale Spectreman helmet as the case for the jewel cased DVDs. While this is still available from some retailers in Japan, this June (2007), SPECTREMAN will be re-issued in a no-frills box set. Both sets feature the same pressings of the discs, which are amazing -- beautifully remastered video (from 16mm negatives, which were throughly corrected removing specs, dirt, dust and other flaws) and hiss-free audio.
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