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    Have had my new RXV1 for a couple of weeks and I have to say it is quite a bit better sounding than the previous model I owned, the Yam 2095. Well, here I am wondering how much better it really could be.....
    My question is.... how many of you are using external amps for driving mains and did it make a difference? I am using some old JBL L100 for mains that will handle about anything thrown at them. I am considering an Acurus A250 or 200x3. Will external amplification make my system much better for the dollars spent? I tried Marantz 500 mono-blocks but they didn't make that much difference if any at all. I am not worried that I will "outrun" my sub which is a SVS.
    Also, how long did it take to receive the free remote from the Yamaha incentive program?
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    many feel that the higher power of most external amps will make a difference. However, there are quite a few factors in an amp that control the overall sound we hear; and that sound is the determining factor. If you like the tonality of the RX-V1, then some higher-powered amps may actually sound worse to you. The sound the RX-V1 produces is unique amoung receivers, and many (former) purists feel it is the best in the receiver field.
    As far as power goes, the RX-V1 is likely to be more than capable of driving your speakers, cleanly. Therefore, if the sound you hear is satisfying, relax and let yourself enjoy your receiver. Its 44-bit DSP stands in a class by itself. Yamaha is unmatched in the the realistic ambience produced by its DSPs. The effect that many other receivers can only reach for, the RX-V1 achieves with ease. So play around with them, and enjoy.

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