Question to help my uncle.

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by BertFalasco, Jul 4, 2003.

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    I am visiting my uncle in NY for the holiday weekend and I was giving him suggestions with his dilemma:

    He has a new nice recievcer along with a new nice DVD player and his issue is switching his Svideoe cables. Let me explain.
    • He has one SVID input in the back of his set.
    • He wants to utilize SVID for his DVD player and his cable box.
    • He has optical audio for DVD player and coaxial for his cable box (with RCA for non digital channels directly into the TV).

    He originally had it set up with either component's SVID going directly to the set (and digital audio routing to reciever), meaning when he wanted to use either component he'd have to seek out it's wire and connect (DVD or cable). I suggested to him to use the reciever the way all A/V recievers are meant to benefit you, which means connect the TV via SVID to reciever and connect everything into reciever as well, thing is he wants to keep it as simplistic as possible (my aunt would rather just have to turn on tv and have sound/video [she doesn't care much about HT] without turning on anything else etc.) I also told him if he was willing to sacrafice some quality, just connect the video for either component via RCA video directly into TV (most likely the cable [​IMG]) but he'd rather go another way.

    I was hoping any of you might have a successful suggestion to give me before we just head up to Radio Shack and pick up another SVID cable (he only has 2 right now) and just connect everything into reciever.


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    Connect everything to the receiver, and the receiver monitor out to the input on the TV (S-video for all).

    The cable box should have an antenna output that can go to the TV (i.e., RG-6). Go ahead and connect this, too.

    Now when the aunt wants to watch TV, put it on channel 3 or 4, and she’s in business. When your uncle wants to use the system, put the TV on “Line In,” and he’s in business. All he has to do is remember to change it back to Ch. 3 or 4 when he’s finished.

    Wayne A. Pflughaupt
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    He does multiple audio inputs right? So your aunt doesn't have to play around with that. My 20" Sony Wega has a svideo and composite input but only 1 audio in on the back.
    They do have small s-video switch boxes so all she would have to do is push a button near the set, but not much difference between that & the receiver, huh? Would this work?

    It's meant to send 1 s-video to 4 outputs. But I'm not sure if it really knows an input from an output? As long as only the cable or dvd is on at once, it may be ok?

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