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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Dick, Jun 3, 2005.

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    I recently purchased a Toshiba 46HX83 set and am extremely happy with it, but for a few things. There is a pinkish tint on the far right side of the screen, most noticable during black and white movies, but I am told a serviceman can calibrate this. My question to all of you has to do with aspect ratios:

    When I go into "full" mode on this unit, where the anamorphic widescreen image is supposed to be presented accurately, I am getting a 2.16:1 ratio for all movies which are supposed to be 2.35:1 or greater. There does not appear to be any way to correct this. Yet, when I play back a non-anamorphic movie, using the "theater-wide 3" setting (supposedly an accurate representation), I get an image very close to the proper ratio. There is no image distortion in either of these settings. I do not know why the anamorphic setting (and, yes, I have my DVD player properly set) would give me an image less wide than what I am supposed to get. Is this typical of DLP'S?
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    Red hue in the right is normal RP CRT behaviour. Lens Striping will usually reduce it significantly. Just do not expect the TV repair man to do this as this constitutes a modification of the TV ... and like they know how to do this anyway.

    Learn Lens Striping and apply it yourself. (Keohihdtv to learn more)

    If your film is a certain aspect ratio ... have you accounted for overscan? There is usually 5 to 6% overscan on the TV anyway ...


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