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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Doug Kaminski, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. Doug Kaminski

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    Feb 22, 1999
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    Hi All
    I just purchased the Onkyo HTS650 HTIB.
    I have a few questions on speaker set up.
    1) when setting the speaker's relative volume, What should
    the receiver volume be set at.
    2) what should I set the crossover freqency at 80hz 100hz
    3) The sub i have set to LFE.
    4) I'm using a Radio Shack sound level meter, what would
    be the correct setting's on the meter for setting up the
    speakers. Range 60 to120, Weighting A or B, Response Fast or
    Thanks. Would Appreciate any help. Doug Kaminski

  2. Neil Joseph

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    Neil Joseph
    Congratulations on your purchase. I will attempt to answer your questions...
    1) I usually try to do a combination (sub volume & receiver LFE level) so that the receiver LFE level is not set much below -0dB. There have been tests showing that many receivers may add some distortion to the LFE signal when attenuated too much so better to have the receiver level set higher then lower the sub's volume to compensate.
    2)Set the receiver crossover to 80Hz then the sub to maximum (or crossover to off)
    3) ? Not sure what the question is
    4) Get yourself a calibration disk like AVIA or Video Essentials which will tell you the meter's settings. If calibrating each speaker to 75dB then set the meter to fast response, B weighting, 70dB. I use a camera tripod which not only hold the meter in position but tilts it at the correct angle as well...
  3. Doug Kaminski

    Doug Kaminski Auditioning

    Feb 22, 1999
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    Thanks for the reply.
    This system comes with the OnkyoHT-R500 Receiver.
    This system is for my bedroom.
    Question #3 was setting the subwoofer mode there are 4settings.
    sub mode1 (to output the low frequencies of all channels
    from the subwoofer.
    sub mode2 (to output the low frequencies of the center and
    surrounds channels from the subwoofer.
    sub mode3 (to output only the LFE channel of a 5.1 channel
    source from the subwoofer.
    sub mode4 (off

    As far as setting the speakers relative volume.
    i'm a little confused, the receiver volume goes from
    min to max 0db to 88db. the speakers relative volume blance
    adjustments are from -12db to +12db.
    When i set the speraker relative volume using the SPL Meter
    I set the meter to 70db and used the test tone on the receiver. I could not get a reading on the the meter for
    the speaker relative volume untill i turned up the volume
    knob on the receiver to 20 to 30db,
    This is a Quote from a paper that came with system.
    If you are not getting any sound once your system is connected please check to make sure that the volume on your receiver is set in the range of 25 to 30 on the volume display.Some sources (TV, VCR, ect.)may not produce sound at volume levels below settings of 20. likewise,
    under normal listening condictions your volume control
    may need to be set to levels higher than 60 depending on
    your room size, source level, speaker sensitivity and
    listening habits. End of Quote.
    As far as room size my bed room is 16ft- 14ft- 8ft celings.
    Speaker sensitivity is as fellowes.
    FREQUENCY response 55HZ-35,000hZ
    CENTER= SPL 85DB FR 65hZ-35,000hz
    SLP 82DB FR 65HZ-35,000HZ
    With info on hand What would be a good reference point
    to start at, as far as setting up the speaker relative
    I'M still a novice at this and don't mean to be lenghtly
    just looking for some input.
    Deeply Appreciate any and all assistance.
    Thanks Doug Kaminski.
    p.s. I called onkyo not much help.

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