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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Sami Kallio, Mar 23, 2004.

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    I'm considering HK 7200 based on what I've read on these forums. I'm tempted to move to better receiver from my old Yamaha AX-396. Before I shell out $800 for a receiver I'd like to hear opinions about whether it's worth it or not, or should I upgrade my main speakers first (Infinity RS-5). Would the advantage gained on the better receiver be shadowed by the old main speakers, or am I putting down the RS-5's for no reason? Maybe down the line I could move the RS-5's to rear and get new fronts.

    I recently purchased SVS PCi 16-46 subwoofer and paired with the RS-5's produce a sound I do like, although it's been a while since I went to listen to the latest speaker lineups.

    Would the advanced digital processing alone be worth the purchase? Yamaha is pretty poor in that area, being 5+ year old receiver.

    Oh, current setup as it is now:

    Receiver: Yamaha AX-396
    DVD: Sony DPV NC655P
    CD: Sony CDP CXX400
    Rear: Infinity RS-5
    Center: JBL S-Center II
    Rear: small Yamaha's
    Sub: SVS PCi 16-46
    Projector: Seleco SVP 350
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    go for something other than H/K. they have a bad rep around here. I used to sell them, they came back more times fried. im not a big fan, that's for sure, because of the reliability problems. Look at a higher end yammie or a sherwood newcastle. the newcastle rocks...and for the price it can't be beat! Hope this helps! Don't get scared of the sherwood name. they are awsome units that are built solid!

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