Question on New Prog. Scan DVD Player

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Beau B, Oct 24, 2003.

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    Hello, to all

    I purchased the Panasonic 47WX53 HDTV a few months ago and yesterday I pucrchaded a new Prog. scan player for it.

    I had the Toshibia 2705 5 disc player

    Now I have the Samsung C631P 5 disc prog. player.

    When I hooked everything up I really could not tell the difference at all. I have componet cords and it is set to 480p on the back of the player.

    I do not have my set calibrated so I don't know if this makes a diff. right now. Is my old player better than the new one is? I still have my old player.

    If this is not a Good player how does it rate with what I already have? If not I need to get one at BB because I have gift cards there. Does Sears, CC, or BB even carry Real Good players?

    Thanks to all who respond

  2. anthony_b

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    It usually isn't much of a difference. It appears that your tv set has a good internal line doubler itself. You might notice the difference on some DVD's.

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