Question on Motion blur and New TV's...and some other questions

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Matt*B, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. Matt*B

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    Hey all,

    I am thinking about purchasing an HDTV this week. I am particularly fond of this one from "Mitsubishi - 65" Widescreen HD-Ready Rear-Projection TV WS-65315"

    Anyhow -- I am worried the most about motion blur. Now I believe that LCD suffers the most, and DLP has some for m of motion blur at imes -- but there's really no motion blur issue with crt tv's is there?

    My main question is what dvd's should I take to bestbuy to test on the tv's to check for major problems right off the bat (blur, etc). You can pick from the list I have at:

    I am doing research on my own as well -- but i thought that you may know of a few scenes in DVD's that will show me the pros/faults of the tv's i play the dvd on....

    Also, i thought i remember reading somewhere that tv's with 1080i resolution do not support pregressive scan dvd players, and in turn, you get a worse dvd picture with blurring. And that a TV with 720P will utilize the progressive scan better....

    Thank you so much,

  2. Greg Rakaska

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    I purchased this exact set (65315). No motion blur, no screen door, no rainbows.....and way less expensive than the digital sets.

    If you have good light control, and room (it's a big sucker), I don't think you'll be disappointed.

    I am sure we will all have non-CRT displays someday, but for now I am quite content to let the digitals mature a few years before I take the plunge.

    I have a Sony 775 progressive, and it plays just fine at 480p.

    I had the LG DVD/HD Tuner model for about a month which played at 1080i but took it back for a few reasons: I got "Copy protection" errors at 1080i on the HDMI at random times on various DVDs. It was quite frustrating, about halfway through a disk the error would pop up and the DVD would cease to play until I powered down, then restarted everything. This was a FAULT OF THE DVD player, not the TV. (lots of documented problems about this). I only mention this because the LG had excellent specs, so it is a tempting buy for an HD set. The other reason I traded it in was because I got HD cable, and did not need the built in HD tuner. (was great for the Super Bowl though!)

    The 65315 will look much larger in your home than in the store. My previous set was a 60" 4:3 set, and I thought it was large, but the Mits occupies more real estate (not a problem in our room though). However, it is also large in a good way. The screen seems twice as large when watching 2:35 w/s DVDs.

    As far as demo DVDs, I don;t know what would be better as far as motion blur (I don't think there is any on this set anyway) BUT for color and resolution, try Nemo or Shark Tales, you will be impressed!

    EDITED to add: Oops, I obviously did not look at you DVD listing before suggesting the above two DVDs! Hopefully someone else can chime in with a few from your collection.
  3. John S

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    Nov 4, 2003
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    CRT is still my favorite technology.

    But, Motion blur has gotten better in general in the last year and a half. I don't find it near the issue I used to at all.

    CC has a pretty nice 60" Panasonic LCD RP on sale for $2800 right now. While up close it has some SDE, I sure didn't notice and image blur on it from fast motion at all.

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