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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by schan1269, Sep 7, 2013.

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    Hardly the purist "techie" person on the forum...

    With MOD DVD out there. Sure, at the moment(and the foreseeable future I guess) it is by mail only.

    How long does it take for one of these to actually be "made"?

    Hours? Mere minutes?

    The reason I ask (and started a new thread to not further derail the TT thread) is how "possible is it" that in store MOD kiosks(for lack of a better term) could be made.

    Let's say I wanted BattleShip Potemkin today...instead of waiting for it in the mail. Nobody around me is going to stock it. There is no way I could download it(stream sure, and adding to that...extras, that isn't "streamed" anyway) to a disc on my internet. I would assume the sound is more robust via disc than streamed.

    Anyway...if there was such a "kiosk" at the local long would it take the disc to be ready?

    Side note...if it were on BD(as BP is available on BD), how long would MOD take?
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    I don't know of any MOD Blu-Rays. If you're talking about Warner Archives releases, all their blu-rays are pressed discs. I think the subject of "burnt" blu-rays was brought up shortly after WA blu-rays was announced and it was deemed that burnt BRs weren't considered feasible/cost effective.
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    Not sure what studios are using, but my guess is that its better than consumer bought burners, which are:

    DVD-2-5 minutes on an average burner.

    Blu-Ray-up to 10 minutes depending on the burner(Note: A few but not many high end desk top PC's still have Blu-Ray burners.)

    Good idea about the Kiosk.

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