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Question on JVC XV-SA75GD Video Modes (1 Viewer)

Ron Katcher

Sep 11, 2001
I just purchased the JVC XV-SA75GD and have a question about screen/video modes.

There are modes called 16:9 auto and 16:9 normal. I have a Toshiba 50H81 digital widescreen televison. What is the difference between these two DVD screen/video modes? Which is better suited for my television?


Ron K.

Steve Schaffer

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Apr 15, 1999
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Steve Schaffer

Use the "16/9 Normal" setting. The JVC has a scaling feature for non-anamorphic letterboxed dvds. The feature is enabled in "16/9 normal", disabled in "16/9 Auto." This seems backwards, but trust me.

On a widescreen set like yours, a non-anamorphic dvd will normally be displayed with black bars at the sides as well as the top and bottom. The side bars can be eliminated by using the zoom mode on your tv, but this degrades the picture quality. Some 16/9 sets won't zoom a progressive signal, but your Tosh will. A player that has a scaling feature will fill the screen with less sacrifice in picture quality, and you won't have to take the tv off "Full" mode.

The feature is automatic, but only works on discs that are properly "flagged" as non-anamorphic. Titanic isn't properly flagged, but Abyss is. The player can be tricked into scaling by using the zoom feature on the player if you're playing an improperly flagged disc. This will cause a "Zoom 1" Icon to appear on the screen, but entering a non-existent chapter number or any other entry that brings up the red circle with a slash Icon will make the zoom icon go away. If the zoomed picture doesn't look too good, try switching the player to interlaced output. This will automatically engage the set's line doubler and may improve the picture.

Keep in mind that if the aspect ratio of the film is 2:35, you will still have black bars at top and bottom.

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