Question on display quality of DVD through an iScan

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  1. Joseph Hansen

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    Mar 17, 2002
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    Hey, group,
    I have a quick question concerning the quality of a non-progressive scan DVD player going through an iScan Plus. I currently have a Mits 55819, and everyone says it has a sub-optimal built-in line doubler. So this gives me the options of buying an iScan, or buying a progressive-scan DVD player.
    As I understand it, if I go to an iScan Plus, I will have to use the S-Video from the DVD player, then the VGA-to-BNC cable to the TV. So how would the resulting image compare to that from a progressive-scan DVD player that uses the RGB component video cables (in other words, which one should I buy)? How would the image from a VCR look going through the iScan via a composite video cable look (VHS, not S-VHS)?
    Okay, that was two questions, but the DVD issue is of higher interest.
    Thanks, one and all. I don't know what I would do without your collective knowledge (well, I would probably get a life, but don't tell my wife that). Oh, and I hope this portion of HTF is the correct place for this type of question.
  2. Alan Wild

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    Feb 22, 2001
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    I have a 46" Mits set and an Iscan Pro.

    In my opinion the DVD player will do a better job of deinterlacing the video then the Iscan if for no other reason than the Iscan is forced to work with the analog video signal output from the DVD player.

    The DVD player on the other hand can process it internally and in the case of properly-flagged disks better apply 3:2-pulldown when necessary.

    Prior to buying a progressive-scan player I was using an old Sony player through the Iscan Pro and it did improve the picture quality, but frankly a progressive scan player is a better and cheaper option.

    Now, for other video sources (cable, directv, video games, svhs, etc.) all of those work great throught the Iscan.


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