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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Eric Estrada, Dec 25, 2002.

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    Just got a new Mits DS WS-55711. From what I've read, this TV needs ISF calibration to fulfill its true potential. If anyone in Southern CA (preferably in the San Bernardino/ Riverside co.) knows a good ISF calibrator with experience on Mits diamond series, please post their name and # or email me at [email protected] Anyone in the greater LA area is good if I narrowed the area too much. Please include prices on the service. Your help will be greatly appreciated.
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    Gregg Loewen
    HI Eric!

    I come to Southern CA every few months. My January trip is currently filled however I am taking appointments for my next trip in April. Pricing on your set is $50 towards travel then $400 for set up and ISF calibration of your DVD gray scale, add $150 for setup of your HD section including an additional gray scale.

    Here is a listing of what I do during a calibration:

    provide full service calibrations not just gray scale correction and front panel adjustment. Your video display device cost a small fortune so don’t you want it to be able to display the most detailed and accurate picture possible? The following is a list of services provided for one input type (usually component 480P):

    Pre evaluation of the viewing environment
    Pre evaluation of the display device, projector, and cabling
    Removal of the protective screen (where applicable)
    Mechanical disconnection of SVM circuit
    Image centering
    Minimization of overscan
    Correction of major geometry errors
    Convergence touch up of all NTSC modes
    Electronic focus adjustments
    Mechanical focus adjustments
    Cleaning of optics
    Herman TLV Maneuver for applicable Toshiba sets
    Grayscale adjustment to 6500 D Kelvin
    Centering of front panel controls when ever possible
    Adjustment of front panel controls from within the service menu
    Color decoder adjustment where possible, either via service menu adjustment, EEPROM Reflashing (I2C Fix), or installation of a red push attenuator.
    Lens striping, when required, to achieve a color temperature variation of less than 500 Kelvin.
    Computer generated report showing pre and post calibration settings
    Depending on the display device additional inputs may also be calibrated. These inputs include high definition (1080i), S Video (480i), etc. These additional services may be requested at the time of the calibration. As your display device ages the color guns will wear. To maintain accurate color throughout the life of the display it is recommended that the set be calibrated annually. Please see pricing for subsequent work.

    Feel free to email or call me if you have further questions.


    207 778 5417
    cell 207 491 6007

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