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Nick Graham

Oct 16, 2001
My entire life, no matter where I have lived in this state, I have always had to travel an hour or more to see a film at an actually decent movie theater. Even in situations like where I am at now, when I live in a town with a sizable first run theater, it always sucks, usually badly, in terms of technical quality (auditoriums with blown speakers, projectors never in focus) and customer service.

Just an hour south in Wichita there is a privately owned chain of 3-4 theaters owned and operated by a guy who basically took the concept of a film buff's dream theater and made it reality. All the auditoriums are THX, the sound is always pitch perfect in every auditorium, and the picture is so pitch perfect you'd have to see it to believe it. The tickets are resonably priced, the refreshment prices destroy those of the garbage chains like Dickinson and even the decent chains like AMC.

Enough babbling.....where does one get information about starting a theater? I'm talking about construction, financing, equipment, everything and anything you could have any knowledge of. Any info at all would be helpful. I know I can't do something near as grand as the chain in Wichita, but even a small scale 2-3 auditorium theater here, with the necessary TLC and actual care for quality, would do good business.


Supporting Actor
Aug 8, 2000
I work at one right now. You could consider contacting a major chain say Kerasotes and try to establish a business relationship. You may not be able to start your own chain but you can at least own a theater apart of a chain.

Peter Apruzzese

Senior HTF Member
Dec 20, 1999
Real Name
Peter Apruzzese
I've been in (and out) of the business for over 23 years. What do you want to know? :)

Seriously, you could start by reading the forums on www.film-tech.com; also be sure to visit www.bigscreenbiz.com and read the forums there as well.

You won't get rich, and you'll work long, hard hours, but if you love the business, you'll have a rewarding future. Don't do it just because you love movies, however, you have to love *theatres*. And don't play only what you like - play what your audience wants to see.

If you want to see what I do, visit: www.bigscreenclassics.com

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