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    I have heard of guys driving Sonosubs and other homemade passive subs with old prologic recievers. I asked my local stereo store guy about this, and whether or not I could combine the mono outputs of several of the speaker outs into one (4 mono signals into one to increase power) and he reckoned it would blow the fuses in the reciever.
    So then my possibilities are to use just one channel of amplification (60 watts [​IMG] ). I am looking to build my sonosub with a 15 inch Rockford & Fosgate driver (169 CAD) and possibly a 20" or a 24" inch sonosub. Am I likely to see major problems with lack of power? What can I do for cheap amplification, or does anyone have a definitive answer on using the power or 4 speakers outs going into one (4 16 guage wires into 1 10 guage wire?)
    Aaron Wilson
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    Do not do what you are thinking about doing.
    Just save up some money, sell some other stuff, do whatever it takes to buy a beefier amp. Use the receiver's amp output (but just one channel) in the interim.
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    A relatively efficient dual voice coil driver
    will best utilize both your receiver's left and right channel amplifiers. The Dayton 15" DVC from Parts Express with 90dB efficiency for each 8ohm voice coil would work
    and would provide more displacement per dollar than any
    other sub driver I know of. A higher efficiency DVC driver
    would be even better.

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