Question for people who have a dedicated home theater room?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Mike Romberg, Aug 29, 2001.

  1. Mike Romberg

    Mike Romberg Auditioning

    Feb 8, 2001
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    I was wondering if folks who had a dedicated home theater room used it to clear their living/family rooms of all their electronic gear. So, what kind of equipment, if any, do you have in your family/living rooms?
  2. Joseph_W

    Joseph_W Stunt Coordinator

    Mar 23, 2001
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    OK, I'll bite.
    Sounds like a question that will be used for amunition with the significant other.
    I moved all the electronics into the media room except for a CD player, stereo amp, and old (but good) KEF speakers in the living room mainly for background music. We have wood floors in there so the acoustics aren't great. I also kept a 15 year old 25" RCA console TV in the family room only because I don't want to throw it out. It will NOT be replaced. We did add a 12" TV in the kitchen next to the computer that gets used more than any TV for broadcasts. We use the media room for 40% music, 50% movies, and 10% TV broadcasting. TV broadcasting may increase with football season coming. I've only had the media room 2 months!
    Our media room is awesome, I designed and outfitted it based solely on what I learned on this site. You can tell by my posts that I listen much more than I post. One day I'll get pictures out into circulation.
    I cannot imagine how this information will help you!!!
  3. Mark Strickland

    Mark Strickland Auditioning

    Apr 23, 2000
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    We basically got rid of our Living Room..
    The front room is where the Pool Table and Asteroids Deluxe game sit.. There is an older Technics Pro-Logic Receiver with 2 older Kenwood 2 ways in that room and our old Kenwood 5 disk changer in there.. We kinda use that room as our living room since having Stadium Seating in the Media Room makes it hard for people in different couches to talk to each other.
    Other than those 2 rooms all we have in the house is an old 27" Color Monitor with receiver and a boom box..
    So.. Yes.. The HT room got just about all of the equipment..
  4. Tim Hoover

    Tim Hoover Screenwriter

    May 27, 2001
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    What's a living room? Between the HT gear and the music gear my house looks like the bastard child of Circuit City and Guitar Center. I think there's a sofa somewhere...
    Yes, I'm a bachelor.
  5. PatrickM

    PatrickM Screenwriter

    Aug 10, 2000
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    When I moved into my house last August it had an unfinished basement (which is what we wanted). I proceeded to hire a contractor and have it built up immediately with a big toy room for my son and a big toy room for me.
    So, in my family room I have a 27" Panasonic TV with a Hitachi VCR and a small JVC mini system that can take 6 CD's. The TV and VCR are mainly for my son to watch his videos. All real movie watching is in the theater downstairs.
    And, in my living room are no electronic gadgets whatsoever.
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  6. Vin

    Vin Supporting Actor

    Oct 23, 2000
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    We finished our basement about 3 years ago to make room for a 60" RPTV/HT. Our living room still has a 35" Toshiba (which BTW is what started this obsession, resulting in the need to finish the basement) a satellite receiver, an old DPL receiver, a VCR, DVD player, CD player and 5 cheap speakers and subwoofer.
    I guess I actually have two HT set-ups but the living room set-up rarely has anything playing except for Barnie or the Teletubbies! [​IMG]
    Needless to say, I spend a lot of time alone in my basement....
  7. Mike LS

    Mike LS Supporting Actor

    Jun 29, 2000
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    I moved my "good" system into the basement when it was finished and kept the bits'n'pieces upstairs.
    Actually, I've got a full system up and down. The living room has a Kenwood VR-405, 5 disc Kenwood CD changer, JVC VCR, Toshiba SD-2109 DVD and an old tape player (for my wife)
    Speakers are leftovers from my early HT days, but it's enough to run DD.
    Basically I keep it there for my wife to use. It's easier to turn on (the basement system is purposely impossible for anyone but me to turn on!) and keeps kids out of my HT when we have company and their kids want to watch a video......
    My rule up there is that everything has to be inside the entertainment center. The speakers stay on top and the sub is behind the unit in the corner.
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  8. Steven Simon

    Steven Simon Producer

    Sep 14, 1998
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    Steven Simon
    I had a long, narrow finished basement that nothing was going on in....... A low 8 foot Ceiling with White square ceiling tiles..... Perfect for a Cozy Home Theater...
  9. Alex F.

    Alex F. Second Unit

    Aug 29, 1999
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    The living room retains only a basic two-channel system: an old 31" RCA television, a Carver receiver, Parasound CD player, AR floor-standing speakers, a Panasonic DVD player, and a JVC S-VHS deck.
    It's a good place to relax and a handy place for kids of family and friends to play and occupy themselves (with a videotape, DVD, or CD) while the "grownups" talk elsewhere.
    Then, when it's time for a movie and popcorn, everyone piles into the theater room.
  10. Steve Schick

    Steve Schick Stunt Coordinator

    Jul 20, 1999
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    After building my dedicated HT, the family room system consisted of a Mitsubishi 36" direct view, the older Panasonic DVD player (bought new DVD player for HT), stereo VCR and DirectTV/Tivo.
    I kept this system simple as it will be used for casual use, such as normal TV viewing (news, TV shows), VCR use for childrens videos, and DVD use as the HT is being built.
    It doesn't take up too much room as it is situated in a corner of the room with the equipment in a single cabinet and the TV on top.
    Simple for rest of the family, Heavy Duty for the dedicated HT.
    You liked the movie? ......Try it on a nine foot screen.
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  11. Larry Chanin

    Larry Chanin Stunt Coordinator

    Jul 24, 2001
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    Several years ago when my wife and I first moved into our then new home, we moved my widescreen TV and stereo equipment into the Family room. The layout of the room was not exactly ideal, and we had to locate the TV along with the four foot tall main speakers and other equipment diagonally across a corner of the room. The massiveness of this gear protruding across a third of the room was a constant source of aggravation for my wife. At first I resisted the suggestion to move my "baby" out of the family room, but eventually I realized my wife was absolutely right from a d├ęcor perspective. However, the real turning point occurred when the realities of trying to lay-out a multi-channel surround sound system made themselves even more apparent to me.
    Beating a tactical retreat from the family room gave me the opportunity to finish the basement and entrench myself in a dedicated home theater. When my original trusty old 45" RCA rear projector finally gave up the ghost I was able to convince my wife of the "wisdom" of upgrading to a 60" HDTV. This of course infected me with the dreaded upgradeitis disease. In retrospect, 10 speakers and two tactile transducers later, its obvious that I'd probably be divorced by now if I had been stupid enough to try to expand all this A/V equipment into every nook and cranny of the family room. Furthermore, I wouldn't have been happy with the flawed home theater environment that it provided.
    This move has been a WIN-WIN experience because vacating the family room provided my wife with the opportunity to do a total make-over of the room and she loves it. So she's benefited as well. Only two inconspicuous speakers mounted in the corners remain. They are powered by a vintage 25 watt Fisher receiver hidden in an antique record cabinet. This provides mood music in the family room, kitchen and outside patio, something which she appreciates. A small TV sits on a Lazy Susan in the breakfast nook adjacent to the family room where it can be viewed from either room or the kitchen.
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  12. Anthony Stephan

    Anthony Stephan Stunt Coordinator

    Mar 6, 2000
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    I have two complete systems. One in the dedicated HT room, which is in the basement. And the other in the family room.
    In addition, my oldest son has a complete 5.1 system in his bedroom.
  13. Dean DeMass

    Dean DeMass Screenwriter

    Jun 30, 1997
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    My family room/dining room consists of nothing but furniture. All the equipment is in my Home Theater room, which is where I spend most of my time.
  14. David Susilo

    David Susilo Screenwriter

    May 8, 1999
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    I have three separate rooms for all my gears
    1. The recording studio.
    Pioneer PDR-05 CD recorder
    Denon pro cassette deck with Dolby B/C/S & HX-PRO
    Tascam DA-30MkII DAT recorder
    E-mu Darwin HD recorder
    Dedicated PC for Sonar sequencing system w/ 19" flat display
    Denon DN-600F CD player
    Kawai MM-16 MIDI mixer
    Kawai MX-4 mini mixer
    Kawai MX-16BR mixer
    a sound-module stack
    Pioneer A35R amp
    PSB Alpha speakers
    JVC SB-100 sub woofer
    Furman power conditioner
    Yamaha P-150 keyboard
    Yamaha EX-5 keyboard
    Roland AX-1 MIDI controller
    MOTU MIDI router
    Kawai MIDI Thru box
    2. The Video Area. It's not a room, just an area where I put all of my HT stuff. It includes
    Samsung TSK3092WF EDTV
    Pioneer VSX-24TX receiver
    JVC 5000 and 7000 series S-VHS recorders
    Pioneer CLD-604 LD player
    Panasonic RP-56 DVD player (will be purchased in a couple of hours)
    Digital Cable receiver (non-HDTV)
    PSB Alpha speakers all around
    Kenwood 300 series subwoofer
    3. The Kid's Area. It's actually the living room with:
    Toshiba 20" PureFlat TV
    Sony HiFi VHS recorder
    Digital Cable receiver
    Pioneer DV-05 DVD player

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