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question for owners of 4:3 with squeeze mode (1 Viewer)

Aug 10, 2002
In my quest for the largest tv I could get for under 2 grand I have decided to get a 4:3 due to the fact I can get a much larger 4:3 picture and a comparable 16:9 for the same price as a widescreen using the squeeze mode. Here is the problem, I need to have one that allows the user to select the aspect ratio even when fed a progressive source.

It is next to impossible to figure this out because many tv's may advertise 16:9 squeeze, but unless they are fed a progressive signal in-store, I cant see if they are "locked". Case in point, in the sony 43" and 53", both advertise enhanced squeeze mode, but only the 51" actually let me change to 16:9 manually on a progressive signal. It is important to me because playing widescreen xbox games would be impossible on a television that locks into fullscreen mode.

If anyone has a 4:3 and knows they can change the aspect, please let me know which model you have so I can investigate further. Right now the Sony 53HS30 is seeming like a surefire best choice for me because it is like buying a 47" 16:9 television, but giving me a 53" screen for ball games and most games.....AND allowing me to select my aspect on the fly. I just want to know if there are other sets or ideas to consider. The 51" widescreen pushes up a few hundred bucks and leaves me with only a 40" or so 4:3 mode. Is there any other reason to pass on the 4:3 besides the black bars?

Allan Jayne

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Nov 1, 1998
My recommendation is to always pass on a TV that is stuck in 16:9 (or any other) mode when fed a progressive signal or whatever.
I would suggest trying it out in the store with one of their progressive DVD players. I was going to suggest the next best alternative of getting full return privileges to take it home, but it's probably "kinda" heavy. The only other idea I can think of at this time is to shop elsewhere.
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Aug 10, 2002
Yeah, its frustrating because employees seem to lack even the basic training in these chain stores. They insist it has the squeeze mode, but because of their progressive feed they cant make most of them go to 16:9. The only one I found that I could actively switch was the Sony 53". I think the push to provide "auto detection" for the squeeze caused some companies to forget about the manual option. There are so many good sets but I cant understand why anyone would want their progressive feed to force them into a specific aspect format.

I am pretty much down to the 50" range Sony 4:3 or 16:9...or the Hitachi comparable units, but I cant seem to find a way to make the Hitachi go to 16:9 on the 4:3 and the workers have been less than helpful. I was hoping someone here might have found some answers. I completely agree with you on the need to stay away from the "locked mode"....the single most important feature for me is versatility with the set.

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