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    Hi I have a rear projection set now. But, I am looking to eventually get a projector. I don't want to spend a fortune. What should I look for and what should I avoid? Also, someone said that I should watch out for some that the bulbs that don't last long, because they are expensive. Is this true?
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    I'd second the idea of going to AVS Forum. There really is a ton of useful info about front projectors over there.
    I've been researching it myself over the past few months and consider myself to be extremely new to the concept. Like you, I have an RPTV but plan to move to a front projection system when I move into another house, where I plan to build a dedicated HT.
    I've spent a lot of time reading up on FP, and what I've found so far is...I need to read a lot more! Just deciding on a projection technology can be a little daunting since there are positives and negatives to each one of them.
    Many people seem to think that CRT-based projectors deliver the most film-like image, but also require a lot of maintenance as they need to be periodically re-converged, etc. Others seem to prefer D-ILA, while others like DLP and LCD technology.
    Another idea is to visit the personal sites of HT fans who have a FP. Many of these folks have described in detail their reasons for selecting a particular projector.
    I'm not here to recommend a projector to you - there are plenty of others who are far more qualified than I am. However, I will say that I was surprised at how affordable (relatively speaking, of course) FP can be these days with the advancement of digital projection technology. In fact, I will admit that if I knew half of what I know about FP back when I was looking at RPTVs, I might have decided on FP instead.
    Have fun researching - I know I am! And keep us posted on your thoughts and opinions.
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