question for Marantz sr7000 owners

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    I have the sr7000.I been thinking of getting the sr7200 because of DPLII.Have any of you replaced your sr7000 with the sr7200.How did it compare in sound quality with the sr7000.I like my sr7000 alot but would like DPLII.But i will not sacrifice sound quality.Please help me make this decision.Was it worth replacing the sr7000 with the sr7200.I will also be upgrading my speakers to Mirage OM7's.I currently have procinema 100's.Will power with current sr7000 or sr7200 if its worth getting.
    Please help.Thanks
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    I switched from the SR7000 to the 7200 about three weeks ago and am pleased to report that the sound quality is equal if not better. The DPLII is great as well as the Circle Surround 5.1. The 6.1 compatibility is excellent also. Rear center channel is very active but not intrusive or distracting. One thing you need to make sure of though is that you get a unit without the s-video switching problem some people have had with the 5200,6200, and 7200. It is a great unit IMHO.

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