Question for CLD-99 LD player and HDTV owners

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    I have a Pioneer CLD-99 Laserdisc player and a Mitsu 65" HDTV. I still have an extensive LD collection of which I mostly watch Star Wars trilogy and all my DTS LD's, which by the way still sounds much better than their DVD counterparts (IMHO). Question---Should I use a high quality S-Video cable and use the technology of the CLD-99 or should I use a standard video cable and use the technology inside the Mitsu HDTV? I have heard that the CLD-99 has the best video performance of any LAserdic player built, but is it better than what is inside the newer Mitsu HDTV. Thanks.

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    I don't have your exact equipment, but I have something similar: a McIntosh 7020 LD player (a modified Elite CLD-97) and a 65" Toshiba HD-ready TV. After comparing both S-video and composite feeds, I decided to go with S-video. I suspect that's also the right solution for you, since the later Elite players do some fairly sophisticated video processing before the signal is remixed for the composite output. Whatever improvement the Mits can add will probably be outweighed by the inevitable degradation caused by remixing the signal in the player and separating it again in the TV.

    Of course, the only way to know for sure is to run both connections and compare the output. Your own eyes are the best judge.

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    Mac, it's possible that composite could look better, like Michael said you should try it and see. If you do use composite, you will lose the use of the 99's Y/C adjustments, page 18 of your manual. Experiment! Best wishes from Laserland!

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