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    Just wondering around what year did cars become more prominent then the horse & buggy? And to really test someones knowledge. When did horse & buggy's stop being used completely(besides the Amish, historic places & farms)?
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    the first question--when did cars start to be in more common use than horse-drawn vehicles for passenger transport--probably some time in the late teens to mid-20s in America, depending on where one lived. Obviously cities and large towns would have preceded truly rural areas in this regard. Probably triggered largely by the Ford Model-T, which was truly the first automobile designed and built for the masses anywhere in the world. When introduced it was beyond the reach financially of most, but with the introduction and refinement of the assembly line prices for the T dropped drastically until it was within reach of all but the most impoverished--at one time selling for as little as $245. Better cars were available for about the same if not less money by the mid-20s, notably the 6 cylinder Chevrolet, so that by 1924 or so the T was more of a joke than a competitive automobile.
    Henry Ford, a manufacturing genius, was not necessarily the best at marketing and waited way too long to replace the T. His engineering conservatism carried on for decades longer, so Fords were, until the 49 models or so, way behind in introducing such features as hydraulic brakes and modern suspension systems.

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