Question: AVR 525 or DPR 1001

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Greg_G, Nov 4, 2003.

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    These two units appear to fulfill completely different purposes . . . but . . .

    Since it has been eight years since first establishing my modest "Home Theater", the time has come to upgrade, even if only slightly.

    The receiver being upgraded is a Harman Kardon AVR 25 [MK1], and I was pretty convinced about the AVR 525 being it's replacement. However, I recently found the DPR 1001 for about the same price, and a few things intrigued me about it.

    It produces less heat than the AVR 525, which seems like a good idea since whichever on is bought will be going into a cabinet with a closed door.
    It is lighter, which would help manuever it in it's place.
    The remote control appears to be far superior in the area of 'universal' programming, which is a huge plus to me if true.

    I have upgraded my television to a Samsung TXN3298HF, which serves my purposes well, but has a rather involved remote.
    I have upgraded my DVD player to a Panasonic RP-91k, same thing.
    Because of both of these factors, if the DPR remote would replace it, that would give it a big edge.

    After reading as much as I could about the DPR on here, it appears that it does not sound as "warm" as the 525 and not as clean at higher volumes. How high are we talking about here?

    I plan on using Klipsch speakers; 2 x RSX-5 [front], 2 x RSX-4 [Side Surround], 2 x RSX-4 [Rear], 1 RCX-4
    and some form of a Klipsch or SVS powered sub. [Since asthetics was important to my wife, and helped get this shopping spree 'approved', I am pretty much locked into this series of Klipsch.]

    There does appear to be some difference in amount of power [50x7 v. 70x7], but since the Klipsch are supposed to be very efficient, 50w should be fine, correct?

    This will primarily be used for DVD & CD sources with the occasional DSS & VHS and even more rare AM/FM.

    Thanks in advance for any and all help.​
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    Well I own a Harman/Kardon AVR-225 which is about 55W per channel and my Klipsch speakers can get up there.

    I think the main difference between the two units you are looking at here is the size, the weight, and the amount of power packed into the two.

    The DPR is all digital while the AVR-525 is analog... not really a big deal but as you can see the DPR-1001 is very small.

    Either unit would be nice to own.

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