Question: "acceptable" problems with a big sceen, did you know before purchasing?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by AndrewTheurer, Feb 9, 2003.

  1. AndrewTheurer

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    Feb 7, 2003
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    I am having some minor issues on my Toshiba 65HDX82, and I have done a little bit of searching here, and I am wondering, how many really knew of the "acceptable" visual problems that come with a big screen? These are not major issues, but little problems here and there. It seems that most makers of big screens, unless it's an obvious defect (rolling screen, color missing, very obvious defects), state that "this picture here is considered acceptable by our company". Really! It's just a little disappointing to get the sales pitch when buying that obviously never even mentions of these "acceptable" standards. I am the only one here who is a little concerned about this? I bet not.

    FYI, my main issue right now is that the horizontal lines, from any source tend to vary in intensity and sometimes flicker. There are definitely areas that are darker than others. It took me a while to notice it, but of course, once you notice something like this, you can never "un-notice" it again; it's like a bulls-eye target. I'm not sure what the source of the problem is, but I suppose it could be the screen itself. Maybe the portions that are darker are from dust/dirt, and the slight flicker is from EMI. Anyway, just ranting.
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    nope Andrew,your not alone.having purchased the tosh 65h82 recently,I didnt realize how soft the analog picture quality would be.yes,some stations are better then others,but overall,analog signals are a real blah.
    When the wife and I watch dvd's,or an HD signal,the set really shines.So,I guess its a trade off,soft analog pictures in exchange for stunning HD and dvd pictures.
    Had I known ahead of time,would it have changed my purchase? I dont think so,but your correct,it would have been nice to know.
    push button to end rant (X)
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    Well, you might've gone w/ a smaller set, if you knew ahead of time. What you could do now is try sitting farther away, especially for regular, non-HD/DVD TV programming. A large part of the problem w/ the image softness you mentioned has to do w/ your likely much larger field of view compared to before on a smaller set.

    Andrew's problem, however, sounds different and may be more of an actual defect w/ his TV than any inherent compromises in the technology OR the TV size.

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    Any display-generated problem like a flicker that's there regardless of source would personally drive me nuts. Of course...I'm saving for a DLP front-projector and skipping the whole RP stage [​IMG]

    Anyway...have you had your set calibrated...or tried calibrating it yourself? Maybe the contrast is set too high and causing some instability in the image.

    Sometimes a good calibration can tone down "problems" in the picture that you wouldn't have initially thought could be ameliorated by simple menu-tweaking.


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