1. Just finished watching Voyager S7 and I'm confused by the resolution of the 'Endgame' finale.

    Voyager is getting hammered by a Borg Sphere as it races back to the Alpha quadrant.

    Unable to take any more damage, the crew appears to enter a course correction which would take them back to the Delta quadrant.

    When the Sphere exits the wormhole, Voyager is nowhere to be found.

    The Sphere is then blasted by 18 vessels, but is finally destroyed by an attack from within...

    How did Voyager enter the Sphere?
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    You see a port open on the sphere, presumably Voyager was tractored in. they didn't show this because they wanted it to appear that Janeway had chosen the opening that led back to the Delta Quadrant and the sphere had gone on its way to the Alpha Quadrant.

    The PC game "Elite Force II" actually took advantage of this and based the first level on what happened while Voyager was inside the Borg Sphere.

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