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    HAve been looking to purchase my first AV receiver for some time and, after addictive reading on this board and my hearing tests, keep coming back to the HTR-5560 for its combination of value, sound, and features. However, I just noticed something that disturbs me.

    The specs list that this receiver has two component video inputs, yet no component video only has S-video outputs. If I understand this correctly, if you run multiple component video inputs into the receiver (it does provide switching), then you have to run a S-video cable to the monitor.

    If this is correct, then this doesn't make sense to me. Why would one want to degrade the quality of the video signal by going in with comp and out with S? Even with benefits of switching, this doesn't seem worth the effort. Did Yamaha screw this up, or am I over-reacting about loss of video signal? Is there another way to hook up to the monitor in such an instance without losing component video quality? I only have one comp input now (DVD)...what other devices would have comp video? Cable, satellite? If so, then I need multiple inputs in the future...

    Please help a newbie understand this perplexing situation that now casts serious doubt on my purchase of this receiver. Thanks.

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    It appears to have Component outputs. If you go to the specifications page it lists component video voltage levels and signal attenuation.

    No, it does not down-convert component to SVideo. It's just poorly worded in the features section.
  3. John Karpiscak

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    My thoughts:
    Some manufacturers have there owners manuals on line. Look at those first before you buy- and look at stores that sell these things, ask questions and then buy them over the internet.
    Persoanlly, I like Harman Kardon- I also like inexpensive. I purchased a H/K AVR 320 for $350 on eBay (via and have no regrets.
    The unit has component, RCA and S-Video ports as well as 2 optical ports and handles all the audio formats I can think of including DTS.
    The unit was a returned unit. I plugged it in and it had a buzz to it, but otherwise complete and functional. I took the unit to Circuit City a week later and they repaired it for $55 replacing the transformer that was loose inside the enclosure.
    It sure beats paying $700 list.

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