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Question about Velodyne SPL-800 (and Small subs in general) (1 Viewer)

Feb 17, 1999
I'm running a Denon 3802 with JBL S26s and an S-center. I'm looking for a sub to complete the system, and the velo spl-800 caught my eye. This will be the first subwoofer I've purchased, and I'm a bit concerned. The woofers in the S26s are 6 inches, and they don't output that much bass. Of course, they're bookshelves, and aren't meant for that... but does an 8 inch sub really put out that much more? I'm actually looking for accurate, 'tight' Bass, but I'm concerned about the volume level too.
Of course, I've yet to listen to any of the subs I'm looking at (probably going this weekend or so), but I'm curious about this, and any input is appreciated. :)

Michael R Price

Jul 22, 2001
No, a single 8 inch woofer will not give you much bass. Of course it depends what you mean by 'much' bass... but it usually requires a large driver in a big box, and/or a huge amplifier to produce reference level bass. Of course, if you're constrained to a tiny space, you'll have to make a compromise like that.

Johnny Mac

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 28, 2002
Although it's more of a competitor to the spl 1000, you may look at the Boston PV-1000. Bit more power and extension. I was very impressed with the sound quality of the little brute.

Greg Schex

Feb 18, 2002
Mark, Yes a sub wil make a difference. Generally smaller subs will need more power to do what a larger sub can do with less. Sunfire, Rel, Earthquake have good "small subs" as well as the two mentioned by Mike and Johnny. how small is small? how much $ do you want to spend?
Feb 17, 1999
how small is small? how much $ do you want to spend?
Well, Size isn't really an issue - price is. I was looking for something around $6-$700, and the Velo seemed to fit the bill. That is, until I started looking at the SVS subs as well. Now I'm looking at a 25-31 PCi SVS, which seems to offer what I want. I'm still going to look around at the others that were recommended (thanks guys), but the glowing SVS reviews around here are hard to ignore.

Dustin B

Senior HTF Member
Mar 10, 2001
Hoffman's Iron Law:

Out of extension, efficiency and enclosure size you can pick two and the third will be dicated to you. If you want a small sub, it will require lots of power (dictated to you) and have to give up some extension to get power requirements down to reasonable levels that won't melt the VC.

On the other hand, if you can go really big, 10+ ft^3, then you can have a very efficient sub (need less than 300W) that can play with gusto well below 20hz.

Another common misconception is that driver size is related to speed or tightness of bass. Completely untrue. An 8" can sound boomy and slow, and a 18" can sound incredible. Has much more to do with the enclosure and strength of the motor than with the diameter of the driver.

As another option. If you have some tools and a little woodworking know how, it is possible to build subs with phenominal price/performance ratios. There are also a few places offering flat kits if you don't have much for tools. You just glue and screw the enclosure together, then finish it to your liking (paint, laminant, veneer etc).

If size isn't much of an issure, $350-$400 with complete DIY can get you something that would compete with an SVS Ultra. Around $500 will do the same with a flat kit.

If DIY is a no go, commercial wise at that price I'd be looking at the SVS and the Adire Dharman. Or a completed custom sub from Acoustic Visions.

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