Question about using 16:9 mode on a 4:3 TV (Panasonic HDTV)

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    I have a widescreen RPTV and so don't have any direct experience with this.
    My brother has a 52" Panasonic HD-ready RPTV. I just bought him a progressive-scan DVD player to go with it. I haven't had an opportunity to go over there and check it all out yet. I think the TV has a 16:9 mode (i.e., does the squeeze).
    My question: to use the 16:9 mode for anamorphic DVDs I assume you have to set the DVD player for a 16:9 monitor. Then I assume you have to set it back to 4:3 for anything non-anamorphic or full-frame. Is that correct? Or is there some way to leave the player in only one mode for monitor type?
    If my understanding is correct that could present a problem. I'm not sure he or his wife is going to know how to figure out when to go in and switch this mode in the player.
    Can anybody confirm my understanding or enlighten me if I have it wrong? Thanks.
    His set is nearly the same as this one (I think its the previous model with a 40 at the end instead of a 41.):
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    According to the specs in the link you provided, your brother's set has a "selectable" 16/9 mode. I would take this to mean the 16/9 mode of the tv must be manually selected in the tv's user menu.
    If this is the case, he can leave the player in 16/9 mode all the time. When playing an anamorphic disc, he would select 16/9 mode on the tv, not the player, and turn the tv's 16/9 mode off for non-anamorphic movies.
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