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    I know there are a lot of threads in this forum and in the archive that deal with recommending specific subwoofers but my question is about how important it is to find a subwoofer that matches the specific speakers I'm using. Is there really any need to be worried about tonality or sound characteristics at lower frequencies or am I really just shopping for a balance of the extension, power and price I need for my particular situation? There seems to be so much concern over ensuring that, at the minimum, the front sound stage is uniform - what about the sub? Or when it comes to the sub is the "uniformity" more in bass management instead of brand?
    Speaking of my particular situation, here is my first attempt at a home theater: I currently have a Samsung 27" Tantus HDTV, a Sony 9000ES DVD player and a pair of Boston VR20s that I will use as rear surrounds. I am ready to purchase (with plenty of research from HTF and auditioning) the following:
    Yamaha HTR-5560
    B&W 601 S3 fronts
    B&W LCR60 S3 center
    a subwoofer
    The dealer was recommending the B&W ASW600 sub which sounded like a good blend with the 601s in 2ch music. This setup will be used for 80% movies, 20% music in a condo where I do NOT intend on shaking the floor. My primary goal is to fill in the lower octaves on the 601 as seamlessly as possible and to add *some* LFE in movies. Will something like an SVS or HSU in the same price range (
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    You don't have to worry about tonal matches.

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