Question About Sub Output- 1 Driver Vs. 2 Drivers

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by James Edward, Jan 30, 2004.

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    In several previous threads I have lamented about my lack of tactile bass relative to other systems with far inferior subs. I have attributed this to my HT being on a cement slab, as opposed to a suspended wood floor.

    This weekend, I set up a friend's system, without a sub, using his rather large SEAS tower speakers in 'large' mode to cover the bass. His system is being driven by my trusty old Okyo TX-DS575X receiver. Lo and behold, once again the suspended wood floor transmits tactile sensation much better than my cement slab- WITHOUT A SUB EVEN IN THE SYSTEM.

    Sure, my bass is of better quality, but his floor shakes, enhancing the overall effect.

    On to my question. I currently use a SVS 25-31PC Plus. My system is calibrated, and the sub never breaks a sweat- it is never even close to distorting. Would an even larger sub with 2 drivers, such as the PB2 Plus, or some other humungous sub, enhance my HT experience?

    I ask this because my current sub never comes close to it's full potential, but would more drivers somehow increase impact? Turning up my current sub to higher volume is not an option- I don't like the bloated sound that goes along with it.

    So... Would a bigger sub help? I'm not looking for a constant throb, which I could gain from simply turning up my present sub. I'm looking for more impact when called for.

    Thanks for any opinions.
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    Read this thread. If all u want is tatical.

    Adding another sub such as yours will only give u about 3db more over the Single Sub. Which is the same as doubling ur power into the single driver. Generally to increase volume u either Double your power or your drivers. Mind u after a amp with 2.5k watts doubling the drivers is considerably cheaper.

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