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    In the past, I have always sold DVD's individually on eBay, but I am in need of quick cash and wanted to know if anyone here has had good luck selling in large quantities (say, 150 titles)? What percentage of final sales do you guess is lost doing it this way over selling one at a time? Of course, along with the really desirable stuff (Warners 2-disc sets, Hitchcock box, etc) there are the WAl-Mart discount bin titles (Eagle Has Landed, Fat MAn and LIttle BOy, etc), so maybe this could average out to a reasonable sale...

    Also, would I be apt to get more going the eBay route, or the Home Theater Forum "Software For Sale" deptartment?

    Thanks for any suggestions...
  2. Travis Hedger

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    Mar 24, 1998
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    I have seen collections pop up and grab nice money before.

    It gives those new to DVD a quick and low priced way into a large collection.

    Wouldnt hurt to give it a try, if you dont't want to part with it for too little you can always set a reserve.
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    I sold my collection of 114 dvds as a lot on ebay. Just type dvd lot in an ebay search and see what people are getting.

    I had some really good titles (James Bond collection, some LOTR), and some really bad titles (Stepmom, Lost in Space, etc) and got $600 for them on the first day with a buy-it-now.

    Just take a look on ebay and see what other people with similar titles are getting.

    Good luck!

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