Question about Receiver/TV connections?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Robin~R, Dec 3, 2004.

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    We recently purchased a new Samsung DynaFlat T.V. and hooked it up to our Kenwood Surround Receiver in the same manner as our old t.v. was connected.

    On the Receiver we have an Aux port which connects game consoles (ours is a XBOX.) Which displayed video on channel Aux of the old t.v.. On the old t.v. as well, the DVD and VCR both displayed on this channel.

    With the new t.v. the DVD and VCR video is on channel 3 and we can not get the XBOX display to show on this channel. We also can't "find" and Aux channel on this t.v. as well.

    Any suggestions on where the XBOX video went and how we can remedy this?

    Note: connections - DVD to Receiver using SVideo+Toslink; VCR to Receiver using RCA connections only; XBOX to Receiver using RCA type cable that came with the system; and Receiver to TV using SVideo and coax for antenna/cable.

    I hope someone can help!
    Thank you.
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    Try a different cable in case a cable was bad.

    Never heard of connecting an A/V receiver output to TV using coax for antenna/cable. Was your receiver connected to your old TV this way and it worked?

    Normally a setup like yours has the receiver S-video out connected to Video 1 of your TV and the receiver Composite (yellow; RCA; monitor) out connected to Video 2 of your TV.

    On more upscale TV's the "aux" or "video" inputs don't cycle through alongide the numbered channels as you push the channel up down buttons on the remote, rather a different button is used to go to the video inputs which are cycled through separately.

    With most TV's if you connect both the S-video and composite video feeds to the same TV jack cluster the composite won't work unless you unplug the S-video cable, but I am surprised your VCR does work and just the XBOX also connected via composite does not.

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    On most sets the you can't access the aux input by flipping thru the channels, you have to push the television's tv/video or video select button.

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