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Question about Parts Express Plate Amp setup with sub (1 Viewer)

Mike Kao

Second Unit
Oct 31, 2000
Okay, I lied... I have more than 1 question ;)
In any case, I hooked up my parts express 250 watt plate amp to my SVS 25-31CS and it sounds pretty good with all the knobs set to the flat position, although I'm not sure if I should mess around with these settings. What do you guys have the volume control and adjustable phase control set at? What exactly does the adjustable phase control do? Isn't the flat setting for the crossover frequency 110hz ->(180+40)/2? Also, would you guys suggest I upgrade the supplied 18ga power cable to something better?

Dustin B

Senior HTF Member
Mar 10, 2001
If you are connecting the PE amp to your receiver by the sub preout I'd crank the crossover as high as it will go to remove it from having an effect.

As for the volume level. I'd set your receiver sub volume to halfway between middle and as low as it goes (ie on a -12 to +12 set it to -6), then use an SPL meter to adjust volume on the plate amp until it's at the right level.

This assumes you have Avia or VE and a SPL meter, if you don't they are a must have and I highly recommend you go pick them up.

Chris Tsutsui

Feb 1, 2002
You can use a DVD that has THX tests such as fight club, SW TPM, or Titan AE.

Use 75db as the reference position.

I use a 15" tempest and have my settings on that PE amp as follows:

phase at 90 degrees
Crossover at 80hz
and gain ranging from 1-3 o clock

I have no receiver, but am using a 6.1 pre/pro sound card on my computer.

About your JBL NSP1 speakers, I too thought they were weak when compared to JBL's studio line but I think they do well for the cost.

btw, I don't think u can never have too much for a dorm, my 10'x10' room has JBL S38s, rotel separate power amp, 4 altec lansing surrounds, and an adire alignment tempest.

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