Question about Onkyo 595's remote, and a new CD Player?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Thomas_Berg, Jul 29, 2001.

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    can the Onkyo's remote learn signals from other brands? i want to be able to control my cd player from its remote and didnt know if it had to be an Onkyo cd player. after only hours with the 595 and a Sony cd player that has no remote (or support for one), i have decided to buy a cd changer (only about 5-6 discs) to keep DMB flowing through the night.
    here's the main question: should i buy an Onkyo changer to make life easy? i've been eyeing the DX-C380 (it holds 6). it has optical digital out, so that's good. it's also cheap ($169 shipped at OneCall) which is a major plus!! J&R's phones are closed at this hour (my prime time [​IMG]) and they are doing their typical 'call for the -latest- price' thing so i'm undecided for tonight. my guess is that they're cheaper and will go lower if i pull a Boiler Room type stunt. (that movie is one of my favs) but should i go with a better player if the 595 will adjust signal? if so, what do you guys suggest?
    one more thing: i have an old Onkyo cd player i bought cheap off ebay that arrived DOA. it wasnt worth much then, so i didnt file a claim and i'm kicking myself now...again, just my luck! i did have it looked at and the transistor's busted. expensive, right? it's up in the attic awaiting funeral, but should i go for a repair over buying a new changer?
    it's 1:22am and i'm blabbing on again. need SVS.....
    TYIA for help!
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    The remote for the 595 has pre-programmed codes that should cover just about any brand of CD player you can think of (look in the manual). If it doesn't have the code for yours, you can learn the codes (the method for which is in the manual).

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