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    Jan 17, 2001
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    I plan on buying the new Sony HD-100, a Sony A-55, and the oval dish whenever they finally release the HD-100. Do I need both boxes connected to the phone line all of the time, just during setup, or it doesn't matter (only needed for PPV etc.)?
    Thanks in advance
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    Here is my experience with phone lines and Directv.
    First of all, I am assuming that you are using the HD-100 as the main and the A-55 as a second receiver in another room.
    I have been a Directv subscriber with two receivers for a few years. Both were connected to phone lines. The "party line" from Directv regarding phone lines is that, by constantly having both receivers connected to a phoneline, you can access PPV without having to call and incur the $5.00 surcharge and that you only have to pay $4.99 for an additional receiver vice paying the full subscription price twice.
    In September of last year we sold our house and had to move into an apartment temporarily while our new house was being finished. We could not use the dish in the apt (big tree in the way). Since we had paid for the NFL Sunday Ticket, we decided to rig the dish up at a friends house to watch football on Sunday. We called and cancelled our regular program package. We were "honest" and told them that we were in an apartment and could only use the dish on Sundays to watch football.
    On Sunday mornings, we would connect the receiver to the dish antenna (mounted on a pole stuck in a cement filled bucket)and the TV, and watch football. No problem with Sunday Ticket and they never removed the normal programming. The receiver was never once hooked up to a phone line. No problems.
    When we moved into the house, we hooked up both receivers and had no problems. I called Directv and re-activated my service (same package as before) and informed them of my new phone number. At the time, neither receiver was connected to a phone line. No problems.
    After a month in the new house, I changed my programming package. The main receiver was hooked up to a phone line and the second (bedroom) receiver was not. This is where we had a problem. The second receiver stopped working. I called Directv and they told me they could not validate the second receiver since it had not called in since some time in September. I hooked it up to a phone line and called Directv back. The tech had me test the phone line from the menu and, when he heard the clicks of the receiver trying to call out, re-activated my second receiver.
    I apologize if this post is rambling, but I wanted to tell you what I have experienced rather than give you a Yes or No answer. Now, I would say that you should have both receivers hooked up to a phoneline when you sign up, or when you want to make changes to your service. Once established, you should be OK with the receivers offline.
    Rob Hops

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