Question about Movie releases (Big Fish)

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Scott L, Dec 18, 2003.

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    Big Fish was released in NY/LA in December but the rest of us have to wait until January to see it. Is it a factor of timing movie relseases within the same studio or just that there weren't enough prints to go around until next year?

    I can sorta see why with movie imports like Crouching Tiger but Big Fish seems more mainstream.
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    In this case, it's called a "platform" release. The studio knows they have a difficult sell with this film (strange title, not a franchise picture, not a sequel, not a cartoon, not based on a best-seller, etc.), so what they do is give it a nice exclusive run in major markets. The hope is that the critical response is good and that word-of-mouth is positive and that it garners some end-of-year kudos & nominations. Then they'll roll it out further. And, yes, with so many "big" films opening, there is the chance that it would get squeezed out of its run if it doesn't immediately become a smash hit, so they'd rather avoid the multiplexes around the holiday.

    It's a wise move that studios should do more often.

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