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    Question for everyone:
    I am close to finishing out my HT and have been working on speaker placement. I have always been a fan of Magnepan and MMG’s for the Front Right, FL, Surround Left ,and SR. I built an Audix kit for the center. It is a 4 way giving a very nice soundstage. Thru experimentation and my SPL meter I have been able to get consistent readings throughout the seating (I have 2 captain’s chairs and a row of movie seating on a riser). Measuring at each seat I have only 2 positions with a variance of 1db with my receivers test tone (Denon 3802). First of all I knew that the Audix was not the power hog the Maggies are so the volume settings are different but the SPL readings are the same.
    Using a test disk I have ramped the Audix and Magnepan thru a range of frequencies. On the high frequencies I find that both are very similar- tone and volume. As I drop back into the mid range frequencies I find some variation in tone and level. Obviously I am not an expert at this but it would seem I could use an equalizer to match up the Audix to the Maggies. I figure I could pick a series of test frequencies, match the Audix with one of the Maggies and come out with a better matched system.
    Before I buy an equalizer can anyone tell me whether I am on the right path, if it really matters, or do I need to rethink this?
    My HT
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    Rethink that Chet...

    First, speaker "voicing" cannot be changed by any outboard processing (ala an EQ). Boosting or attenuating specific frequencies will not change the tonality of the sound, it simply increases or decreases the amplitude of the specific frequency. And with any amount of equalization, you must then contend with the phase deviations that occur.

    Second, why even go thru such a complex set of excercises when you can simply buy the Maggie MGCC2 HT center channel? I have one mated to a pair of MG3.6R's and it is a seamless blending...

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