Question about JVC Speakers i just bought

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Dan Sheets, Jan 24, 2005.

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    Jan 24, 2005
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    Hi everyone, i hope someone can give me a hand on the speakers i just bought.

    Anyways, I was at an electronics surplus place on the weekend and spotted a bunch of these, (Just add www to the front, i can't post url's yet)

    I asked if i could just buy just the speakers and they said sure, so i bought 5 of them. They were a real steal (50$ Canadian a piece).

    So, 250$ Later, and now i have a surround sound system. I already had an energy sub and a dolby digital reciever which i just used in stereo mode with some speakers i had.

    ok back to the question, the speakers have 2 Inputs on each. 1 for the Sub and one for the other speakers, each is rated at 6 Ohms. If i run them in parralel would the whole thing be 6 Ohms or will it lower it somehow. I thought it would lower it to 3 at first but then thought about it, if you run a Woofer at 8 Ohms with a Tweeter at 8 Ohms it doesnt drop things to 4 does it ? Nothing has blown up yet, and my amp isn't heating up anymore than normal.

    Anyways, i'm a complete newbie here, and have no idea what im doing, and this should be a nice starter system for me. I am already hooked on 5.1 though, and am pricing out Harmen Karden 7.1 amps. (I hope they have 2 more of these speakers left [​IMG] )

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    If they're crossed over, typically you have a dip in the overall impedance at the crossover point. The tweeter for example presents a high impedance way below it's crossover point.

    If your amp isn't heating up, I wouldn't worry about it.

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