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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Adam_S, Mar 22, 2002.

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    I went into a local HT and TV shop looking to see what's available, the guy there demoed me a Jamo SW 1008 which he can give me for about $250. I'd been looking at either the JBL PB12 or the 54 liter from acoustic visions. How would this sub compare to to those two. I'm concerned about the 8" cone and only 100 watts on the Jamo, and I've never heard of the brand which either means it's exotic or very low end. It sounded okay, he demoed the Eagles Reunion DVD adn the bass was fairly clean sounding, not as boomy as the JBL sounded at Best Buy.

    So I"m wondering if anyone can give me some advice on what route I should take, the acoustic visions is by far the best sub amongst them, but also the most expensive of them. The JBL matches my NSP1 set up and is in between the other two, whereas the Jamo is the lowest priced. I'm putting this in a room that's about 11x11 1/2 with 8 foot cieling.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    In Canada, they sell Jamo mostly out of The Sony Store - this is the Jamo website -
    I recently went to my car audio store for some work to be done on my car, and they've moved into the Home Theater game also. I watched Days of Thunder on a Jamo setup - I liked the dipole surrounds, the sub sounded pretty good, but I didn't like the center channel - it was too small to match the mains and the size of the room.
    Overall I thought the sub was pretty good - it was halfway along the long wall of a rectangular room - not boomy at all.
    As far as the 8" concern - check the specs like frequency to determine if it will be OK. I recently went from a cheap 10" to a reasonably good 8", and it's like night and day. No BOOM, punchy for music and lower for DVD's.
    FYI - it was a Quest 10" -> Energy XL 8.2
    Hope this helps

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