Question about hooking up pre/pro and amps

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  1. carlos f

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    Mar 8, 2002
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    I have a sony es 30 and a rotel rmb 1066 amp.

    the amp is bridged (3 x 150) to power my front


    i'm about to get the rotel rsp 1066 and a

    rb 1070 (2 x 130).

    question is: should i use the 1070 to power the rears

    or use it to power the front L and R and use the rmb 1066

    to power the center and rears.

    i talked to 2 salesguys in store and they didn't agree on setup.

    any thoughts on which would sound better and why?

    speakers are HTD Level 3.

  2. Mike Matheson

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    Jul 15, 2000
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    You may hate this answer, but it'd be best to try it yourself and see--shouldn't be that hard to do--usually it's just a bit of cable swapping.

    I've got equivalent 2chn & 3chn amps, and use the 2chn to power the front, the 3chn to power the center and rears. My thought is that the rears don't take much power, thus there's a lot of reserve for the third channel which the center may actually make use of.

    But it looks like your amps are not exact equivalents--so I'd recommend trying and hearing.


  3. Harold_C

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    Apr 1, 2002
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    No question about it.

    Use the RB-1070 to drive the front speakers and the RMB-1066 to drive the center and surrounds. A bridged amplifier never sounds as good, or has as much headroom as an amplifier running unbridged. Driving all channels bridged on the RMB-1066 will definitely be giving it a workout. Since the surrounds, on average, place fewer demands on the RMB-1066, this will help offset some of the disadvantages of bridging.

    You'd have to answer this for yourself as far as the dollars go, but rather than buying the RB-1070, you might see what it would cost to trade in the RMB-1066 on the RMB-1075 (5 x 120 watts). That would be the best way to go, because it would avoid the issue of bridging altogether.

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