Question about Gunsmoke on Columbia House

Michael Alden

Supporting Actor
Jun 5, 2005
I know they were putting this show out on DVD, in order starting from show 1. Does anyone know how far into the run they got before stopping?


Aug 2, 2005
I hadn't heard that. All I've seen are the various 50th anniversary collections featuring various episodes across all seasons. The latest release I'm aware of is the "Directors Collection"--again a mish-mash.


Jan 29, 2005
Columbia House didn't get too far with the season DVD collections of GUNSMOKE, and C.H. being C.H. you know they only had a mere 4 half hour episodes in their VHS collection of that same series in the 1990s. Not sure about the DVDs, except that it was still a raw deal.

Get a hold of Columbia House's phone number, and you can contact them to order volumes of GUNSMOKE if you want. There's no need to join their club, although you can save money ordering more than one volume if you do.


Michael ,in a nutshell three seasons of Gunsmoke came out on Columbia House, + the first few of S4..

They started with Gunsmoke in the 90's on video.Their normal policy was to issue tapes in blocks of ten , then a gap, if it sold well they would issue a further block of 10.With Gunsmoke they decided to issue 20 tapes, one from each season, containing either 4 half hour or two one hour episodes. These must gave done well as they continued with releases after completing the first 20. I think there were a further 25 tapes in all , mostly of 4 half hour episodes from a particular season, though there were a couple with one hour episodes.All were remastered for sound & picture and I have to admit quality was excellent.

With the advent of DVD CH decided to issue them as season sets with 6 or 7 episodes per disc.However I don't think they exercised the same quality control as the tapes. there was a distinct lessening of quality where the disc included an episode not previouly released on tape.On one instance, an episode called 'Night Incident' they actually put reel two on before reel one so the story started in the middle, then jumped back to the opening.! on the episode 'The Preacher' the opening segment where Dillon walks up Boot Hill has been lifted from a different episode, though this episode is on the 50th Anniversary set where it is correct.A few others missed this opening prologue altogether & at least one episode 'Mavis McCloud' is the cut syndicated Marshal Dillom version.

At one time CH were a great source of classic TV. I subscribed to a number of their video series inc Perry Mason, Wild Wild West, Rawhide, Wanted Dead or Alive ,Untouchables,Dragnet & Route 66.However whatever policy decision they made really soured it for me. They seem to employ people who barely spoke English & things started going wrong, Not wishing to bore anyone with the details, suffice to say they still owe me some Gunsmoke discs for which I paid but never received to this day.Eventually I became so frustrated with them I just cancelled everything. I know of others who had the same problems so I am not surprised their TV division went belly up.Shame.

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