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    I had aSony 61HS20 TV that had a few different problems that the technician could not resolve.

    One thing I noticed was that the green CRT seemed out of focus. In other words, when in the PJE grid, on the right 1/4 of the screen from top to bottom, the green line was double the thickness of the blue and red. This caused a very noticeable blurriness. It also appears on the bottom left of the screen to a lesser degree.

    I had the set replaced (not because of this)

    The new set, has a very similiar issue. But this time it is the red CRT and it is on the left 1/4 of the screen from top to bottom. The red lines in the PJE grid are 2x-3x the size of the green and blue. This makes adjusting convergence a pain since red peeks out on both sides of the lines and everything is again very blurry in this area.

    Seems like a focus problem. But my question this normal? Do all sets do this when they are not properly focused? I suppose this could be one of those "comprimise" issues in which I have to adjust focus to look decent across the entire screen, but how do I know for sure?

    My concern is that the store I am buying from is selling second-hand factory refurbed units. The price I paid for a new set seemed much less that what others have mentioned for the same set, so I guess this could be the case.
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    Do a electronic then mechanical then another electronic focus. How does it look now?

    If the grids are still different sizes you have a problem.

    You can either do another mechanical focus and make an average focus over the entire screen (vs a tight focus in the middle). Or you can shim up one corner (or side ) of the lense to help compensate. The shimming can open yourself up to a bunch of problems


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