1. I bought this one used for $6 and am willing to give it a try despite mixed reviews...but I don't see any extras scenes or alternate endings listed under Special Features.

    One IMdb reviewer seems to think they were critical for understanding the film...what am I missing?


    "I had not seen this movie when originally released because of bad reviews. I did however recently pick up the DVD in the $5.99 rack at Target mainly because I really like Ewan McGregor and Ashley Judd. They did do their usual fine job of acting but I must admit that the plot was convoluted and illogical and the first time through watching it normally, I was disappointed in the lingering confusion.

    I then watched the one deleted scene and the alternate ending and it changed my whole perspective. Sometimes alternate endings do not really change much but this was the most dramatically different alternate ending I have ever seen. It wrapped up everything for me and made the whole thing crystal clear and satisfying.

    I can not imagine why they left out this long segment that does not so much result in an alternate ending per se, but rather fills in a lot of the holes that I had in my head. It is worth your time to rent the DVD and see this alternate ending. It may change your mind about the movie."

  2. Had the bright idea to check the Full Screen side for different extras, no such luck.

    Checked some professional DVD sites, no mention of the alleged extras.

    On the up side, the director's commentary is suppose to be great and might explain a few things about the reported plot issues.

    Hard to imagine how the IMdb reviewer could be *so* specific and *so* wrong...kinda blows.
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    I have this DVD & it does have Deleted scenes & Alternate ending
    Must have been a couple different releases of it or something
    It is a Canadian version..purchased back in early 2000

    Alternate Versions for
    Eye of the Beholder (1999)

    Overseas prints are longer than U.S. prints; including extra scenes such as one with Jean and John Teodoro as doormen.

    Canadian DVD offers a deleted scene (where the Eye has a final conversation with his daughter, via a dream sequence) and an alternate ending. The latter shows an epilogue after the crash, where we see the Eye standing at Joanne's grave. As he's leaving, he spots a young girl visiting her mother's nearby plot, and has a bonding moment with her.

    The trailer on the Canadian DVD shows footage not shown in theatres:
    Judd walking down the street wearing a red wig, watched by McGregor.
    Judd smashing a toll booth window with her bare hand, surprising a clerk.
    McGregor and his daughter in a hotel room as snow falls indoors (this is part of the dream sequence that led him to find Joanna at the hospital and it preceeded the shot of McGregor in the helicopter wearing a headset).
    A shot of McGregor running away from police and firing his gun into the air (in the final version he just runs away).
    A higher angle shot of the body falling out the flooded bathroom.

    The UK DVD has a longer ending:
    Before the motorcycle and the car collide, they ride side by side in slow motion. McGregor holds out his hand to Judd as if he's her guardian angel. Just as they touch fingers the car lurches off into the snowbank. (US versions just have the vehicles colliding).

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