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  1. Scott Wong

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    Oct 30, 1999
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    I know this is premature... *but* every year this trade show is presented... I always mean to inquire about it... and by the time I do... it's too late.

    So here goes:

    1. When exactly is it? I want to say it's around April? May? But does anyone know for sure what date(s) it will occur in 2003?

    2. How in the world does anyone get to go to this thing and actually get inside? Is it only for industry insiders? Could I obtain tickets on ebay?

    3. Where is it? Does anyone know where it will be in 2003? Or this questions far too early in advance?

    Any help would be appreciated...

  2. Rob Lutter

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    Nov 3, 2000
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    Can I go if I am studying for a degree in Digital Media? Is that enough? I am so there if I can get in [​IMG]
  3. Graeme Clark

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    Jan 5, 2000
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    It's held that the LA convention center which is in downtown LA.
    It is an industry trade show, so you are supposed to have some credentials, but it's really not that tough to get in. If you sign up before the show, you can get a discout and you don't have to wait in line, so that is advised. If you do that though, you do need to attach a business card, so get some made up.
    You can also get a pass at the show, which is what I did in 96. But that ended up being a 2 hour wait, which was a real pain.
    You do have to be 18, and I've heard that they've tightened up on enforcing that (when I went I played VF2 against a kid that was probably no more than 7, and saw another kid no more than 13 in line for a Penthouse Pet autograph).

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