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  1. Glenise

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    Feb 5, 2001
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    Is it just me or what?
    I guess I'm the only one to find the 3802/1082 manual confusing.
    I have a Yamaha 5.1 receiver and that manual is much easier to understand!

    I am interested in other peoples opinons about the DTS 6.1 ES discrete vs Denon's widescreen 7.1 for sound quality.

    Also, I have looked at page 17 of the pdf user's manual for the 3802.
    From what I understand, surround speaker selection funtion shows two examples:

    Using surround speakers A and using surround speakers B.
    I assume that I want to use the picture in the left.
    I think the stuff about multi zone was throwing me off.
    So, I will setup my system as the picture in the left and have my power amp assignment set to surround back.

  2. Michael Lee

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    Jan 7, 1998
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    Although people have rightfully criticized Denon's instruction manuals, I find the setup menu to be quite simple. 90% of your setup is accomplished by answering the questions and filling in the distances in the setup. The hardest part of this setup menu is the 6.1/7.1 for non-flagged sources. I have installed near a hundred of these receivers and I still forget which is the correct option. All I remember offhand is that I choose the default setting to get back surround processing for all 5.1 sources.
  3. Geoff S

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    Jun 1, 2002
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