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Question about Best Buy coupon book. (1 Viewer)


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Mar 15, 2001
I noticed that with the purchase of any DVD player over $100 you get a free coupon book. I was wonderering about exactly what kind of offers this book contained. Specifically on televisions, home audio, and video games. I'm also curious about the expiration date on the coupons. This could influence the decision about upgrading certain components in my home theater. Thanks in advance.

Bill Balcziak

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Aug 4, 1999
These coupon books were stacked by the registers at the Best Buy store I visited last weekend. I asked if I could have one and the BlueShirt said "that's what they're there for!" :D
The coupons all expire 5/31/02 and are not valid in combination with any other offers. Also, limit 1 coupon per customer per offer. Not valid on prior purchases. Valid on in-stock items. No rainchecks. No dealers. No copies. Etc.
[According to the BlueShirt I spoke with in the video department, the "no other offers" fine print means you can't use the coupons with clearance items or price matches. He said other promotions (10% off, free delivery, free recliner, closeout, etc.) will not invalidate the coupons. It is worth noting the BlueShirt--a "Department Supervisor", mind you--said about five times he'd have to "double check" with someone to be sure. As much as I like Best Buy, this sort of knowledge vacuum is hard to understand when it involves a supposedly major promotion.]
Anyhow, the coupons are as follows:
  • 10% off up to five DVD movies
  • 10% off up to five CDs or SACDs
  • $50 off any Sharp LCD TV
  • $100 off any 16:9 digital projection TV
  • $50 off any 27"-36" flat screen TV
  • $30 off any entertainment center or TV stand $199 and up
  • $25 off any home theater system, (excluding Bose)
  • $40 off any speaker package $399 and up (excluding Bose)
  • $30 off any DD receiver

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