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    Hello, this is my first post after lurking around a bit [​IMG].
    I am thinking about buying a home system and am currently looking at the Diva Swans 4.1, C3, and 2.1 sale combo. However, I have trouble finding the right (rather, best) receiver for around $500. Btw, am I doing these speakers a serious injustice by paring them up with a $500 receiver?
    I need a receiver that can do 5.1 Dolby Digital decoding and can drive another pair of speakers for the kitchen.
    I am looking at the Onkyo TX-595 and in the online manual, I noticed that there are outputs for two pairs of front speakers, A and B to be exact.
    Sorry if this is a stupid question but can I just connect the Diva Swans 4.1 to output for front speaker A and then another pair of speakers to the output for front speaker B?
    The reason for this is because I would like audio in the kitchen and all of the multiroom/multizone receiver I have looked at costed $800 and upwards.
    Any suggestions are heartily welcomed! Thanks in advance!
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    Yes, you can use the A/B to get a second room going.

    You will need a way to control it from the second room, if need be.

    Infrared receivers/emitters can be placed in the second room and the remote will work off of that.

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